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Dr Staub Sylvain :

Hypertrophie mammaire juvénile: Traitement chirurgical précoce

Staub S., Bzowski A., Vilain R. –
Ann Chir Plast Esthét, 1989, 34, n°3, 269-272.

Résumé : Le caractère élastique de la peau jeune, sa rétractilité permet de réaliser des réductions glandulaires sans excision cutanée dans le traitement des hypertrophies mammaires de la très jeune fille. Ces réductions de volume évitent la ptose secondaire et les vergetures et se réalisent par une incision sous-mammaire isolée. La dévascularisation provoquée bloque la croissance glandulaire et aucune récidive de l’hypertrophie n’a été observée dans notre série de 34 cas, avec un recul moyen de 16 mois.

Correction of Mammary Ptosis with Glandular Atrophy
S. Staub, M.D., E. Pugash, M.D., F.R.C.S. (C)
From the Hôpital Boucicaut, Paris, France.

Correction of the small ptotic breat poses the problems of excess skin and insufficient gland. We believe these deformities must be rectified in a single-stage operation with the skin excision determined after the breast has been augmented. Our technique combines retropectoral augmentation with a flexible method of mastopexy based on the Biesenberger breast reduction technique. The retropectoral placement offers the advantage of a lower rate of capsular contracture with a stabilizing effect on the location of the breast which helps to prevent recurrent ptosis. When capsular contracture occurs, closed capsulotomy is more difficult with the prosthesis in the retromuscular position. Fortunately, contracture has e less visible effect on the shape of the breast with this type of augmentation, and we have been obliged to carry out only one open capsulotomy. We feel the creation of a wide implant pocket is very important in the prevention of this problem.

We use a silicone gel prosthesis in contrast to the inflatable type employed by Owsley, for which leak and deflation are unacceptably high. The breast skin and fat are generously undetermined to allow correction of the breast contour and conformity to the new breast volume. Use of the clamp to determine the skin excision requires skill but allows great flexibility in tailoring the skin to the augmented breast.

In our series of twenty patients, we have demonstrated gratifying results with a low rate of complications.

Dr Staub Grégory

Necrotizing fasciitis due to Cryptococcus neoformans in a diabetic patient with chronic renal insufficiency.
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